My name is Alex, and I've been a freelance web and app developer for the last 3 years. Currently accepting new freelance gigs, but also open to a full time position for the right opportunity.

Selected Projects

Plug screenshot

Objective-C, Swift

After finding some mockups on Dribbble, I reached out to the designer and we partnered up to create Plug, a simple Hype Machine desktop app. Download it here for free. You'll probably find your new favorite song.

Lean Dental Solutions screenshot

Rails, MySQL

Lean Dental Solutions is changing the way dental offices manage inventory. I was hired to build a scalable, enterprise web-app from scratch.

  • Created system where an automatic fax is sent to the vendor when ordered through Lean Dental using the HelloFax API. (Many vendors only accept orders by fax.)
  • Send notification texts when users are low on inventory using the Twilio API.
  • To save money on hosting costs, created a staging and production server from a blank linode linux server
  • 90% Test coverage.
Enlisted Design screenshot

Wordpress, Front-end

Enlisted Design is a world class Industrial Design firm based in Oakland, California, so attention to detail was paramount on their corporate website. Pay special attention to some of the transitions, animations, and pixel-perfect placement.