Mac Desktop Analytics

Mac desktop analytics is a tough problem. For the first version of Plug we used Coppertino’s AnalyticEverything, which was the only open source Google Analytics library I could find that even worked on modern OSX. It worked great for us at first, though we ran into some pretty nasty crashes after adding the Sparkle framework to the project. For the new version of Plug I explored the different non Google Analytics solutions out there and couldn’t find anything that was free (or cheap enough to justify for a hobby project) and solid on OSX... Lines of Code Comparison

Rails Project Search

I use vim a lot and for quite a while I've used grep to do project/folder search. Though recently I've been working in rails more and the log files were polluting my search results. I looked into including/excluding files and folders but it's not the simplest thing in the world with grep. While I was looking around for help with grep syntax I noticed several people recommend ack...


Stuffed is a command line tool for OSX that blocks websites, kinda like It frees you from distractions so you can get more done.

List Comprehensions

I recently picked up Paul Graham's book "Hackers and Painters". One of the ideas Paul stressed was the power of functional programming. I wanted to get a quick overview of functional programming concepts without having to learn the nuances of a new language, but I couldn't find anything quite satisfactory. So I decided to dabble a bit in Haskell, and plan to write up a series of quick little posts on the subject.